THANK YOU so much for choosing me to photograph your family. Photographing little ones and their families is my passion and I consider myself truly blessed to be around these little miracles everyday and create portraits for your family.

Outdoor sessions are suitable for the whole family (babies 6 months plus) or just your little ones from toddling/walking age and beyond. They are set during golden hour ( 1 hour before sunset), within a 20 minute drive of Crosby, Liverpool. 

This is an opportunity to let them be little, let go of any expectations to what you think may be picture perfect and just enjoy the moment, being free to play and be together, because they won't be little forever. 

When I started photographing children my aim was to create portraits that truly reflected each child and now years on and two children of my own I know how important it is to capture everything, all of those beautiful in-between moments that you may assume are outtakes. How their shyness made them snuggle into your shoulder, but their inquisitiveness made them peak one eye out to see what fun they may be missing. Tickles and tossing them up in the air to create uncontrollable giggles, quickly followed with their tiny hands reaching up pleading 'again, again!' Their sense of wonder as they explore, urging them to splash in the water and dig in the sand no matter the messy consequence. Their expressions and actions that only you know mean 'chase me' and how they ran full of spirit. When you look back years from now you will cherish photos of how their hair reflected in the sun, of how they loved to get sandy toes and how their hand fitted so perfectly in yours.

Included in your session 

- 20-40 Minute session during golden hour (1 hour before sunset, we will follow the guide of your little ones for how long we will shoot).

- Min of 20 photos to preview in your online gallery.

- 5 High Resolution Edited Images (full gallery upgrades available).

Introductory offer £150

Because of the wonderful British weather I will be taking limited bookings to allow flexibility to shuffle shoots around when the weather doesn't play nice.

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